General Guidelines

PicoCandy is a supportive and encouraging community of people who are passionate about creativity, and stickers. We welcome all artists and designers, and ask that you respect the rights of others to have different points of view, different artistic tastes and different standards. Above all, we urge you to have fun making stickers and offer support and encouragement to other artists as well.

Please refer to Sticker Creation Guidelines on how to make good stickers, and sticker review guidelines on how our approval process works.

Thank you.

Sticker Review Guidelines

Content Creators can only sell stickers they have created once they have been approved by the PicoCandy Content Creators Market review process. Please review the following guidelines carefully before submitting your stickers.

Please follow the style guide before uploading your stickers to PicoCandy dashboard.

See Sticker Creation Guidelines on how to make good stickers. And for more details, and guidelines about this community and service, please read on:

Your stickers will be more than likely to be approved if:

  1. They follow the format as stated in the sticker creation guidelines.
  2. You cooperate to provide our content team with required information such as character name list if your stickers have individual characters, your logo ,and description of the pack.
  3. You upload 40 or more stickers. If you have less than 40, please start creating and upload more.
  4. Your 40 stickers can form a sticker pack of consistent looking stickers, meaning the same art style, or characters that go well together.

Your stickers will be more than likely to be rejected if:

  1. Designs do not follow the format as stated in the sticker creation guidelines.
  2. They have spelling mistakes.
  3. They offend the public by being racist, have extremely sexual or violent content.
  4. Are not proportionate in size or not easily viewable by users.
  5. It is the same sticker uploaded repeatedly.
  6. They are not your original artwork. For fan art, please email us at if you are unsure before you upload.
  7. They have elements of any copyright infringement.

Moral Guidelines

  1. Stickers that are deemed immoral are not allowed.
  2. Stickers that depict violence or child abuse are not allowed.
  3. Stickers used for spamming or phishing other users are not allowed.
  4. Stickers that encourage or promote criminal activity are not allowed.
  5. Stickers that may slander, injure, or attack the reputation of a particular person, religion, culture, nationality, or group are not allowed.
  6. Stickers that disclose or could potentially disclose personal or third party information are not allowed.
  7. Stickers that contain sexual expressions are not allowed.
  8. Stickers that otherwise depict any elements that may cause discomfort to the user are not allowed

Other Guidelines

  1. Stickers that are used for corporate advertising purposes leading to purchase of the corporation’s product without the prior approval of PicoCandy.
  2. Stickers that contain references to other websites or mobile apps that are competitive in nature to PicoCandy.
  3. Stickers designed to solicit clients through advertisements to an app or service without PicoCandy’s approval.

Legal Guidelines

  1. Stickers that do not adhere to the laws of the regions in which they are being distributed.
  2. Stickers that infringe on trademarks, copyrights, or patents held by PicoCandy or third parties, or violate the conditions of third parties included in the images.
  3. Stickers that make use of material without proven permission from the copyright owner, those that make use of copyrights, such as fan art.

In addition to the guidelines listed above, PicoCandy may remove any stickers that it deems to be inappropriate.